Broadband Legislation

Catastrophic wildfires and now the pandemic have exposed the severity of California’s Digital Divide as a widening chasm that adversely impacts public safety, education, healthcare, and our livelihoods.

Celebrating Earth Day

The first Earth Day occurred 51 years ago, April 22nd. Being a young naïve college student at the time I assumed that we would solve the problems in a year or two. Unfortunately we haven’t and it has only gotten worse.

Voting Rights — Then and Now

Through some twist of fate, March has been an important month in America’s gradual and still developing representative democracy. The 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified and certified on March 30, 1870; that amendment declared that:

Redistricting in the works in EDC

El Dorado County is moving forward with redistricting that will redefine state legislative districts as well as local supervisorial districts using data from the 2020 census.

Wildfire Insurance Update for Rural Communities

Access to affordable and protective fire insurance remains a growing issue in all corners of the state, with a continued emphasis in rural areas but an increasing spread to urban areas. Emerging challenges in accessing coverage have been reported for commercial business and farm policy holders in fire risk areas.

Counteracting Disinformation

Countries that are resilient to disinformation and foreign influence rely on whole-of-society approaches focused on digital literacy and awareness of disinformation tactics.

Rent Stabilization Update With Tamara Janies and Frank Porter

A follow up to a previous episode about recent rent increases for mobile home residents. Our guests are trying to pass an ordinance to limit the rent increases in the county. Watch in full for more info, and how you can get involved if you’re interested.

Barton’s Refusal to Bargain A Fair Contract

Registered nurses from Barton Memorial Hospital will be conducting a virtual town hall to inform the community about how Barton has used the pandemic to refuse to bargain a fair contract with nurses at a time when nurses are already under extreme stress.

Our Divided Country

Today someone asked me, “Has it hit you yet that Donald Trump is gone?” Good question.