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Central Committee


  • Josh Elder, Chair & member of California Democratic Party Executive Board
  • Frank Porter, Executive Vice Chair, Campaign Services & Candidate Development
  • Lee Boylan, Secretary
  • Lynn Benningfield, Controller
  • Leslie Hill, Member at Large
  • Marina McCauley, Co-Vice Chair, Fundraising & Events
  • David Larson, Co-Vice Chair, Fundraising & Events
  • Mike Saunders, Vice Chair, Membership/Education

BOS District 1

  • Cory Anttila (Alternate: Lynn Benningfield)
  • Margaret Fortune (Alternate: Randall Rodriquez)
  • Marina McCauley (Alternate: David Larsen)
  • Jennifer Magee (Alternate: Zoe McNevin
  • Frank Porter (Alternate: Afton Tuveson)

BOS District 2

  • Lori Anzini
  • Josh Elder (Alternate: Jamie Beutler)
  • Pat Pava
  • Open

BOS District 3

  • Lee Boylan (Alternate: Betsy Kerr)
  • Daniel Stephenson (Alternate: Courtney Jackson)
  • Open
  • Paul Penn (Alternate: Daniel Linhardt)

BOS District 4

  • Leslie Hill (Alternate: Jill Blue Keith)
  • Lauren Hernandez
  • Mike Saunders (Alternate: Sidney Bazett)
  • Sarah Saunders (Alternate: Celeste Boggs)

BOS District 5

  • Susan Kessler Chandler (Alternate: John Friedrich)
  • Allyson Tabor (Alternate: Barbara Riley)
  • Aletha Nelligan (Alternate: Nancy Gibson)
  • Mary Lekan
  • Frank Riley (Alternate: Robert Erlich)

Ex-Officio Members and their Alternates

  • Brynne Kennedy, Congressional District 4 Candidate 2020
  • Pamela Swartz, Senate District 1 Candidate 2020
  • Carla Jean Neal, Assembly District 5 Candidate 2018
  • Jackie Smith, Assembly District 6 Candidate 2020 (Alternate: Pat Wendt)
  • Alejandro Carrillo (AD5) – Regional Director 4 for the California Democratic Party
  • Eric Sunderland (AD6) – Regional Director 3 for the California Democratic Party

Club Representatives

  • John Savage (United Democrats Club)
  • Open (South Lake Tahoe Club)
  • Lorraine King (Democratic Women of El Dorado County)
  • Daniel Stephenson (Sierra Foothills Young Democrats)

Standing Committees

Resolution, Policy & Issues 

  • Review resolutions referred to it by the Executive Committee or the EDCDCC and make recommendations as to the resolutions the EDCDCC should endorse.
  • Research and draft resolutions to be submitted to the EDCDCC for consideration and approval.
  • Research and revise recommended platform planks for the CDP or for the Democratic National Party.
  • Research and revise position papers and/or presentations for educational purposes of the EDCDCC.
  • Assist in recruiting experts to make presentations to the EDCDCC at meetings and events.
  • Research and report to the EDCDCC any County specific issue, legislation or event that may require an opinion or action from the EDCDCC.
  • Paul Penn, Chair
  • Lauren Hernandez, Co-Chair
  • Cory Antilla
  • Kathleen Burco
  • Nelson Enos
  • Josh Elder
  • Lorraine King
  • Sarah Saunders
  • Margaret Fortune
  • Nancy Gibson
  • Dan Linhardt


Fundraising & Events 

  • Establish a year round fundraising plan for the EDCDCC.
  • Set a timetable for achieving fundraising goals.
  • Prepare and present quarterly written reports to the membership outlining fundraising activities of the EDCDCC.
  • Have the ability to establish sub-committee(s) for specific fundraising events, as determined necessary.


  • Marina McCauley, Co-Chair
  • David Larson, Co-Chair
  • Cory Antilla
  • Lynn Benningfield
  • Jamie Beutler
  • Celeste Boggs
  • Lee Boylan
  • Johanne Christmas
  • Leslie Hill
  • Betsy Kerr
  • Zoe McNevin
  • Pat Pava
  • Paul Penn
  • Afton Tuvson

Marketing & Communications

  • Determine the modes by which the EDCDCC will communicate with its members, with other Democratic activists, and with Democratic voters in El Dorado County.
  • Set-up, manage and deliver content to the agreed upon modes of communications.
  • Be responsible for researching and recommending new technology, for consideration by the body, specifically for the purposes of providing remote access services to Members of the EDCDCC.
  • Be responsible for the dissemination of general information from the EDCDCC via the EDCDCC website, email, Facebook, Twitter, and other electronic means available.
  • Be responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the EDCDCC web site.
  • Be responsible for the selection of a vendor to assist with the development, operations and updating of the web site. (The Executive Committee will approve of any and all contracts for services for the web site and Social Media)
  • Jill Blue-Keith, Chair
  • Kathleen Barco
  • Lee Boylan
  • Johanne Christmas
  • Mary Elliott-Klemm
  • Terry Fagan
  • Leslie Hill
  • Courtney Jackson
  • Lorraine King
  • Paul Penn
  • Frank Porter
  • Randall Rodriguez
  • Mike Saunders
  • Allyson Tabor
  • Afton Tuveson
  • Lora Watts
  • Pat Wendt

Membership & Education

  • Oversee the development of and/or participate in unique voter registration programs throughout El Dorado County. These voter registration programs may include those initiated by chartered organizations.
  • Be primarily engaged in reaching out to all segments of the county with a goal toward improving the diversity of the makeup of the EDCDCC.
  • Promote networking with other groups and like-minded organizations within El Dorado County.
  • Devise methods, through the use of speakers, printed materials, and media contact, to inform the public about the EDCDCC and the Democratic philosophy and programs.
  • Spearhead EDCDCC visibility and participation in community events and projects.
  • Provide outreach to the high schools in the county and assist in developing Young Democrat Clubs in all local educational institutions.
  • Oversee the development of the youth membership program in the EDCDCC.

  • Mike Saunders, Chair
  • Lynn Benningfield
  • Lorraine King
  • Jennifer Magee
  • Paul Penn
  • Sharon Quinsland
  • John Savage
  • Patricia Segviano de Pier
  • Daniel Stephenson

Candidate Development

  • This committee is responsible for candidate recruitment, recommendations for campaign contributions, recommendations for candidate endorsements and recommendations for local ballot propositions.
  • The committee consists of at least three (3) EDCDCC members.
  • At its first meeting for each election cycle, the Committee must review the sections of the CDP Bylaws that cover the endorsement of candidates and establish a process for evaluating candidates and making recommendations to the EDCDCC as a whole. The Committee’s evaluation process shall be presented to the EDCDCC for approval, prior to implementation.

  • Lori Anzini, Co-chair
  • Michael Saunders, Co-chair
  • Susan Chandler
  • Carolyn Loomis
  • Frank Porter
  • Marina McCauley
  • Sarah Saunders
  • Daniel Stephenson

Campaign Services 

  • Develop campaign plans and strategies to support candidates and issues endorsed by the DCC.
  • Utilize the PDI/MOE systems to support campaign plans.
  • Organize campaign volunteers to support endorsed candidates
  • Develop campaign materials, mailings, phone banks, email messaging, text messaging, and utilize social media to support endorsed candidates and issues.
  • As needed, establish sub-committee(s) for specific election related activities, such as Data Research Team, Candidate Training, Election Tracking, etc.

  • Susan Chandler, Chair
  • Cory Antilla
  • Lori Anzini
  • Sandi Blinn
  • Lee Boylan
  • Frank Porter
  • Mike Saunders
  • Daniel Stephenson
  • Aletha Nelligan

Campaign Services
Data Research Team

  • Terry Fagan, Chair
  • Joel Wiley, PDI/MOE Administrator
  • Julie Chapman
  • Johanne Christmas
  • Daryl Matoda
  • Susan Chandler
  • Frank Porter
  • Mary Lekan
  • Ted Kjooi
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