Central Committee – 2021-2024


  • Margaret Fortune, Chair
  • Frank Porter, Executive Vice Chair
  • Zoe McNevin & Staci Evans, Co- Secretaries
  • Lynn Benningfield, Controller
  • Courtney Jackson, Member-at-Large
  • Michael Saunders, Vice Chair
  • Susan Kessler-Chandler, Vice Chair

BOS District 1

  • Cory Anttila
  • Lynn Benningfield
  • Margaret Fortune (Alternate: Lorraine King)
  • Zoe McNevin (Alternate: Staci Evans)
  • Frank Porter (Alternate: Afton Tuveson)

BOS District 2

  • Lori Anzini
  • Jennifer Magee
  • Sidney Bazett
  • Jamie Beutler

BOS District 3

  • Paul Penn (Alternate: Daniel Linhardt)
  • Courtney Jackson
  • Sandy Chance
  • Kirk Callan Smith

BOS District 4

  • Michael Saunders
  • Sarah Saunders (Alternate: Daniel Stephenson)
  • Wendy Lucas Wood

BOS District 5

  • Susan Kessler Chandler (Alternate: John Friedrich)
  • Robert Erlich (Alternate: Barbara Riley)
  • Aletha Nelligan (Alternate: Nancy Gibson)
  • Frank Riley
  • Allyson Tabor

Ex-Officio Members and their Alternates

  • Marie Alvarado-Gil, State Senate Reg 4 (Alternate: Larie Kemper)
  • Mike Barkley, Congressional District 5 Candidate (Alternate: Bill Woodruff)
  • Alejandro Carrillo – CA Dem Party Regional Director 4
  • Neva Parker, State Assembly District 5 Candidate (Alternate: Pat Wendt)
  • Jessica Morse, Congressional District 3 Candidate
  • Bill Monroe, CA Dem Party Regional Director 3
  • Belle Sandwith, State Assembly District 1 Candidate

Club Representatives

  • Russ Dahler (South Lake Tahoe Democratic Club)
  • Courtney Jackson (Democratic Women of El Dorado County)
  • John Savage (United Democrats of El Dorado County)

Standing Committees – 2023-2024

Resolution, Policy & Issues 

  • Review resolutions referred to it by the Executive Committee or the EDCDCC and make recommendations as to the resolutions the EDCDCC should endorse.
  • Research and draft resolutions to be submitted to the EDCDCC for consideration and approval.
  • Research and revise recommended platform planks for the CDP or for the Democratic National Party.
  • Research and revise position papers and/or presentations for educational purposes of the EDCDCC.
  • Assist in recruiting experts to make presentations to the EDCDCC at meetings and events.
  • Research and report to the EDCDCC any County specific issue, legislation or event that may require an opinion or action from the EDCDCC.
  • Paul Penn, Chair
  • Cory Antilla
  • Kathleen Barco
  • Nelson Enos
  • Margaret Fortune
  • Nancy Gibson
  • Lorraine King
  • Dan Linhardt
  • Sarah Saunders

Fundraising & Events

  • Establish a year round fundraising plan for the EDCDCC.
  • Set a timetable for achieving fundraising goals.
  • Prepare and present quarterly written reports to the membership outlining fundraising activities of the EDCDCC.
  • Have the ability to establish sub-committee(s) for specific fundraising events, as determined necessary. 
  • Margaret Fortune, Chair
  • Cory Antilla
  • Lori Anzini
  • Lynn Benningfield
  • Staci Evans
  • Leslie Hill
  • Courtney Jackson
  • Lorraine King
  • Zoe McNevin
  • Paul Penn
  • Afton Tuvson

Marketing & Communications

  • Determine the modes by which the EDCDCC will communicate with its members, with other Democratic activists, and with Democratic voters in El Dorado County.
  • Set-up, manage and deliver content to the agreed upon modes of communications.
  • Be responsible for researching and recommending new technology, for consideration by the body, specifically for the purposes of providing remote access services to Members of the EDCDCC.
  • Be responsible for the dissemination of general information from the EDCDCC via the EDCDCC website, email, Facebook, Twitter, and other electronic means available.
  • Be responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the EDCDCC website.
  • Be responsible for the selection of a vendor to assist with the development, operations and updating of the website. (The Executive Committee will approve any and all contracts for services for the website and Social Media).
    • Kathleen Barco, Chair
    • Lori Anzini
    • Mary Elliott-Klemm
    • Terry Fagan
    • Susan Gamache
    • Courtney Jackson
    • Ann Keating
    • Susan Kessler Chandler
    • Lorraine King
    • Paul Penn
    • Frank Porter
    • Mike Saunders
    • Allyson Tabor
    • Afton Tuveson
    • Lora Watts
    • Pat Wendt

    Membership & Education

    • Oversee the development of and/or participate in unique voter registration programs throughout El Dorado County. These voter registration programs may include those initiated by chartered organizations.
    • Be primarily engaged in reaching out to all segments of the county with a goal toward improving the diversity of the makeup of the EDCDCC.
    • Promote networking with other groups and like-minded organizations within El Dorado County.
    • Devise methods, through the use of speakers, printed materials, and media contact, to inform the public about the EDCDCC and the Democratic philosophy and programs.
    • Spearhead EDCDCC visibility and participation in community events and projects.
    • Provide outreach to the high schools in the county and assist in developing Young Democrat Clubs in all local educational institutions.
    • Oversee the development of the youth membership program in the EDCDCC.

    • Mike Saunders, Chair
    • Lynn Benningfield
    • Lorraine King
    • Jennifer Magee
    • Paul Penn
    • Sharon Quinsland
    • John Savage
    • Patricia Segviano de Pier
    • Daniel Stephenson

    Candidate Development

    • This committee is responsible for candidate recruitment, recommendations for campaign contributions, recommendations for candidate endorsements and recommendations for local ballot propositions.
    • The committee consists of at least three (3) EDCDCC members.
    • At its first meeting for each election cycle, the Committee must review the sections of the CDP Bylaws that cover the endorsement of candidates and establish a process for evaluating candidates and making recommendations to the EDCDCC as a whole. The Committee’s evaluation process shall be presented to the EDCDCC for approval, prior to implementation.

    • Lori Anzini, Chair
    • Michael Saunders, Chair
    • Susan Kessler Chandler
    • Carolyn Loomis
    • Frank Porter
    • Sarah Saunders
    • Daniel Stephenson

    Campaign Services 

    • Develop campaign plans and strategies to support candidates and issues endorsed by the DCC.
    • Utilize the PDI/MOE systems to support campaign plans.
    • Organize campaign volunteers to support endorsed candidates
    • Develop campaign materials, mailings, phone banks, email messaging, text messaging, and utilize social media to support endorsed candidates and issues.
    • As needed, establish sub-committee(s) for specific election related activities, such as Data Research Team, Candidate Training, Election Tracking, etc.

    • VACANT, Chair
    • Cory Antilla
    • Lori Anzini
    • Robert Erlich
    • Susan Kessler Chandler
    • Aletha Nelligan
    • Frank Porter
    • Mike Saunders
    • Daniel Stephenson

    Data Research Team

    • Terry Fagan, Chair
    • Joel Wiley, PDI/MOE Administrator
    • Johanne Christmas
    • Susan Kessler Chandler
    • Daryl Motoda
    • Paul Penn
    • Frank Porter