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Democrats recognize that our country and our county are strongest when we grow our economy from the bottom up. So we focus on issues that matter to everyone who lives in El Dorado County.

Wildfire prevention

Our county must reduce its fire vulnerabilities, manage vegetation, and implement responsible land use.

Comprehensive affordable fire insurance should be universally available.

It’s crucial that utility infrastructures be hardened and well-maintained, and that our county provides robust fire protection and emergency services.

A strong economy

It is important to all of us that we live in a community with a thriving, resilient, and sustainable economy.

Hard work should generate a living wage so that workers don’t need two or three jobs to afford living here.

Our county’s entrepreneurs should be encouraged and nurtured, and we must support local agriculture and small business.

Internet access for all

In today’s world, access to broadband is a necessity for all people in all aspects of life—public safety, healthcare, education, work, and economic growth. Without internet access, individuals and businesses are severely handicapped.

For those in the farthest reaches of our county, access to broadband is an equality issue. In this day and time, it is an “essential utility.”

Broadband must be available, affordable, and stable, especially now during the COVID pandemic, when so many of us rely on the internet to connect to the outside.

Affordable/Workforce Housing

We envision this county to be a place where generations of families can work and afford to live.

We support investing in critical infrastructure such as roadway improvements, water access, and affordable housing for future generations.

The Democrats helped form the Western Slope Coalition on Affordable Housing and Homelessness to educate and advocate for affordable housing development and for homeless transitional housing. We partnered with local non-profit organizations to create and launch Housing El Dorado to rapidly respond to the need for winter housing and other services for the area homeless.

A good life for our Veterans

We honor those who were willing to sacrifice themselves to protect our country, and believe that they should not have to fight for essential services. They deserve improved access to healthcare, job training, mental health, and housing services. We encourage minimizing the use of the penal code in favor of social service providers whenever possible.

Support to our Veterans must improve—saying “thank you for your service” is not enough.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change mitigation is essential to preserving our environment and to ensure that it will be sustainable for future generations.
This challenge includes:
Social Justice

Social Justice