El Dorado County Democratic Party



The purpose of the El Dorado County Democratic Central Committee as the official governing body of the Democratic Party in the County of El Dorado, shall be to:

  • Foster and support Democratic Party campaigns in El Dorado County in cooperation with the State and National Democratic Party and assist in raising money in support thereof.
  • Build party organization at the county level; register Democrats; turn out Democratic voters; endorse and elect Democratic candidates for public office, and support initiatives and referendums endorsed by the State Party.
  • Develop local positions and communicate them to the public and to all officeholders and provide a forum for the discussion of public issues and Democratic values.
  • Identify, recruit, develop, interview, and endorse Democratic candidates for local partisan and non-partisan public office.
  • Charter and support Democratic Clubs within El Dorado County.
  • Perform such other duties and services as it sees fit to further the Democratic Party in El Dorado County.
Paid for and authorized by the El Dorado County Democratic Central Committee.

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

While the Democratic Party cannot endorse a candidate who is not a registered Democrat, be aware that in some races without a registered Democrat in the race, there are clear distinctions between candidates from other parties. In some important races there are extremists running against more moderate candidates. Do your homework before voting or contact your local Democratic Club for assistance.

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