Celebrate Earth Day

Too Close to Home

By Margie Lopez Read

 As I write this narrative I remain indoors because the smoke level outside is too hazardous here in the foothills. It burns my eyes and hurts my lungs, and I am told that breathing in too much of it will be harmful to my health.  It has been this way for about two weeks since the Caldor Fire exploded in the Sierra Nevada.  Even though the afternoon breeze always seems to come, and does help clear some smoke, it is only transporting it eastward toward the Tahoe Basin.  This is our new reality.

We can’t escape it.  There is nowhere to move to.  The West is drying out, and with that comes fire. All our lush forest lands are becoming crispy fuel just waiting for a spark to ignite them.  The rich green growth that we embraced for its beauty is now a danger.  When it dries up and becomes a super-highway for hot blazes it is something to be feared.

We need to figure this out. We need to do some things differently. Don’t turn a blind eye to the dangers of Climate Change.

Please do what you can.


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