Fred Winn Essay

Contest — 2020




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Fred Winn Essay Contest — 2020


This years question for the Fred Winn Essay Contest was Discuss the most important issue to you in the 2020 election… Explain how this issue affects you.

We would like to thank the 57 students who submitted essays.  Their chosen topics were Climate change (20), Education, college cost & student debt (6), Women’s reproductive rights (5), Gun control (4), Immigration Policy (3), Mental health (1), Food and Agriculture (1), Teacher salaries (1), Trump: ignorance, corruption, lies (1), Restoring honor and dignity to the oval office (1), Plastic (1), The perils of political advertising (1), Gender identity (1), No cooperation and the constant attacks between the parties (1), Governance itself: repairing democratic institutions (1), The minimum wage (1), Racism (1), and Non-descript (1)

We would especially like to thank those students who were awarded first, second, third and honorable mention. We want to commend all of our student writers for submitting essays.

First Prize

Emma Austin

El Dorado High School
“I Want A

Second Prize

Victoria Kolanski

Oak Ridge High School
“Let’s Not Ruin the Planet for the Future”

Third Prize

Elizabeth Ramin

Oak Ridge High School
“The Health
Care Divide”


Emily Thompson

Oak Ridge High School
Reproductive Rights”