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We all moved here for different reasons; some for the great schools, some for the rural lifestyle and slower pace of life, and some of us moved because of the lower crime rate. I think most of us can agree that it’s a pretty good life in El Dorado County. But for some, it’s a different story.

Problems with homelessness, and in certain areas, high rates of domestic violence, families and children who go hungry and may need some emotional and financial support for a period of time. Problems with urban sprawl, overbuilding, and access to water.

These are real and important challenges that we can do something about. If these issues are important to you, and if you want to make improvements to county services for families, youth, the homeless, animal welfare, or the environment, then help us identify, recruit, and support candidates for elected office and board appointments that reflect our views and values.

We have the power to do this.

When forward thinking candidates hold public office, we can begin to make a difference in the policies and programs delivered in our county.

Your involvement can make the difference.

Start in a small way by coming to an event or receive our newsletter. Keep yourself in the loop as information is shared about local events.

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