El Dorado County Democratic Party

Central Committee Members

Leadership – Officers

  • Josh Elder, Chair & member of California Democratic Party Executive Board
  • Lee Boylan, Secretary
  • Terry Campbell, Controller
  • Leslie Hill, Member at Large
  • Daniel Stephenson, Executive Vice Chair
  • Frank Porter, Vice Chair, Campaign Services & Candidate Development
  • Marina McCauley, Vice Chair, Fundraising & Events
  • Mike Saunders, Vice Chair, Communications/Social Media & Membership/Education

BOS District 1

  • Cory Anttila
  • Karla Meadows (Alternate: Pat Kriz)
  • Marina McCauley
  • Frank Porter
  • Randall Rodriquez

BOS District 2

  • Lori Anzini (Alternate: Pat Pava)
  • Terry Campbell (Alternate: Becky Guinn)
  • Daniel Stephenson
  • Joshua Elder (Alternate: Jamie Beulter)

BOS District 3

  • Lee Boylan
  • Rich Boylan
  • Lauren Hernandez
  • Paul Penn (Alternate: Sean Frame)

BOS District 4

  • Leslie Hill
  • Tamara Johnston (Alternate: Ricardo Aguilera)
  • Mike Saunders
  • Sarah Saunders
  • OPEN

BOS District 5

  • Jodi Dayberry
  • Allyson Tabor
  • John Friedrich
  • Mary Lekan (Alternate: Nancy Gibson)

Ex-Officio Members and their Alternates

  • Jessica Morse, Congressional District 4 Candidate 2018 (Alternate: Mel Mead )
  • Silke Pflueger, Senate District 1 Candidate 2019 (Alternate: )
  • Carla Jean Neal, Assembly District 5 Candidate 2018 (Alternate: )
  • Jackie Smith, Assembly District 6 Candidate 2018 (Alternate: Pat Wendt)
  • Amy Champ (AD5) – Regional Director 4 for the California Democratic Party
  • Eric Sunderland (AD6) – Regional Director 3 for the California Democratic Party

Club Representatives

  • Pat Kriz (Sierra Foothills Democratic Club)
  • John Savage (United Democrats Club)
  • Susan Chandler (South Lake Tahoe Club)
  • Lorraine King (Democratic Women of El Dorado County)
  • Daniel Stephenson (Sierra Foothills Young Democrats)
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While the Democratic Party cannot endorse a candidate who is not a registered Democrat, be aware that in some races without a registered Democrat in the race, there are clear distinctions between candidates from other parties. In some important races there are extremists running against more moderate candidates. Do your homework before voting or contact your local Democratic Club for assistance.

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Central Committee Members