Letters from an American

Today’s vote confirmed that the leaders of the current Republican Party are willing to abandon democracy in order to save the country from what they call “socialism.”

Protect Affordable Housing for Placerville

On Tuesday, May 11th at 6pm the Placerville City Council will vote on Item 11.1. This would cause the eviction and displacement of the current long term low income tenants.

Broadband Legislation

Catastrophic wildfires and now the pandemic have exposed the severity of California’s Digital Divide as a widening chasm that adversely impacts public safety, education, healthcare, and our livelihoods.

Celebrating Earth Day

The first Earth Day occurred 51 years ago, April 22nd. Being a young naïve college student at the time I assumed that we would solve the problems in a year or two. Unfortunately we haven’t and it has only gotten worse.

Redistricting in the works in EDC

El Dorado County is moving forward with redistricting that will redefine state legislative districts as well as local supervisorial districts using data from the 2020 census.