El Dorado County Democratic Party

January 2017

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January 2017 Newsletter:Celebrate 2016

I know it’s been daunting, but let’s celebrate what happened in the 2016 elections-locally. We need to celebrate what we did. All those volunteer hours from so many of you, new and old who worked in the trenches, on the phones, walking precincts, putting out signs, contributing funds necessary to run campaigns.

  • Democratic registration jumped this year in El Dorado County.
  • Republicans lost registrations!
  • Shiva Frentzen was re-elected as our County Supervisor in District II
  • John Hidahl was elected as County Supervisor in District I. He won his seat with a 15 point advantage. This is significant.
  • Our August Fundraiser-BBQ was a tremendous success with nearly 185
    people in attendance.
  • September brought us a newly formed club in South Lake Tahoe with fresh members, activists, and leaders, along with 40 new members!
  • United Democrats opened a Campaign office in Placerville for the general election season.
  • Sierra Foothills Club gained many new members interested in participating in our party.
  • Democratic Women of El Dorado County held two “meet the candidates” nights.
  • Hundreds of new volunteers stepped forward. Phone banking, precinct canvassing, voter registration, fund-raising, rallying on streets, and being visible as Democrats.

The results for the election are complete and available for those data enthusiasts. You can find it at: El Dorado County Election Results. As a professed data geek, I’d like to point out that there is opportunity for our Democratic party. Just by look at those results of the turnout. Only 51% of those who showed up at the polls, voted for Trump here in El Dorado County. With a 83% turnout, I believe there is opportunity for Democrats to engage more NPP (no party preference) registered voters with our principles and actions.
Let’s not let the distraction of a Trump presidency take us away from our main principle: To protect those in need of justice, keep affordable health care, fair wages, equality for all, and a clean and healthy earth.

The stunning upset and loss of the White House puts all Democrats (and most no party preference) people in a difficult and challenging situation. Those of us who define ourselves as progressives in a very rural-Republican area work three times as hard as those in areas where there is a vast registration of Democrats. We will continue to do so. Change happens, but it starts from the bottom and goes up.

Thank You…please stay involved.

And finally, I would like to say, it has been a privilege to be your Chair during this very volatile election year. I stepped in last March, rolled up my sleeves, and did my best to try to keep the Central Committee together. I could not have done it by myself, and most certainly those who supported me and the Executive Board committee that worked along beside of me. With more people participating, and active participation and visibility, we could turn this County purple. There is strength in numbers. Many of you have joined the ranks in leadership, and I am profoundly thankful that you have. I have decided to run again as Chair for the next two years. With a strong executive board, a fully seated committee, active and growing clubs , and valuable input from our most seasoned Democrats, it will make our job easier. Thank you!!
Thank you for standing tall.

Lori Anzini, Chair
El Dorado County Democratic Central Committee

January 2017