El Dorado County Democratic Party

Press Release – May 5, 2017

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Date: May 5, 2017
Contact: Lori Anzini, Chair,
 El Dorado County Democratic Central Committee

Cameron Park, CA – EDCDCC members feel betrayed by Representative Tom McClintock for voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In doing so 32,500 of his constitutes are in danger of losing their coverage. Despite heavy pressure from people within his district, McClintock reversed his original “no” vote to fall in line with other Republicans. 

The plan House Republicans passed yesterday, will negatively affect those with private insurance through their employers, since it repeals ACA’s requirement of larger companies to provide affordable insurance to their employees. It repeals the tax on those with higher incomes that helped pay for ACA. It cuts funding for Medicaid and makes it harder to qualify for it. It allows states to waive basic benefit requirements, even for maternity care and emergency services, and establish their own standards.

“Tom McClintock literally rubber stamped his vote along with the other California Republicans, doing a disservice to his constituents without any thought of the circumstances to those who have pre-existing conditions, as well as essentially creating a death tax for the elderly” said Lori Anzini, Chair of the EDCDCC.  

Members of the El Dorado County Democratic Central Committee, other Democratic clubs, activists from resistance groups, and people in CD4 who have never been involved politically before are gearing up to make McClintock regret his vote in 2018. “It is not over,” said Anzini, “not in the least. We will fight for the rights of the least among us.” 

Press Release – May 5, 2017