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July is Heating Up in Resistance

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Resistance isn’t futile.

With summer upon us with “blaring” heat, we all seem to have gone back into the cool areas of our homes.  This Spring has been a very active time for all of us.  As the Indivisible groups are combining efforts, the El Dorado Progressives, our Democratic Party, and other allies are working together in resistance to the Trump regime.

As we watch the Senate create the BCRA, another attempt to repeal the ACA, we can’t let complacency take over when we know that showing up weekly in front of Rep. Tom McClintock’s office, and joining in the hundreds of people rallying at the Capitol to support SB 562 (now on hold in committee).  All of these efforts gain educational momentum, when people realize how these policies will impact their own pocket book.  Now we have to also work locally.  

Through dialogue with many of our activists (also known as factivists), we are asking that our own Board of Supervisors take a stand on the BCRA.  This is a non-partisan issue.  It impacts our health care in El Dorado County.  There are thousands of people who rely on medi-aid expansion, and all of the subsidiary services that provides them with quality healthcare.  This will also impact all of us from Medicare, to the ACA insurance markets.

Attached is a letter, sent to the Board of Supervisors.  We are asking them to take a stand on the BCRA.  We will be attending their meeting on July 18th.  They start at 9:00 for public forum.  If you come, please use decorum and prepared your own two minute statement.

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July is Heating Up in Resistance