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Hot August Nights and Days

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     With the attempted passing of the BCRA and the “Skinny” amendments to the ACA, we should be congratulating all of you who performed the stellar activism with your calls, and participation at Town Halls along with the weekly protests at Tom McClintock’s offices in Roseville and other satellite offices. We know that this is not over, nor should we get complacent during the next 18 months.  We can’t do it without your help.  

     We are ramping up our own training, with the powerful start at our June 25th “Campaign Bootcamp” that was held in Shingle Springs.  Nearly 40 people attended to network, gain insight on campaigns, and worked together to reframe the rhetoric of those who oppose us so deeply.  The Democratic party’s progressive stance has always been justice for all.  This is an inclusive method, which as long as I have been in the Democratic Party (for nearly 40 years), all people are created equal, and all should have opportunities for prosperity. Marginalization has become the “Trump card” that has created a divisive nature, even within our own party.  I know that most of us are distracted by the three-ring circus in Washington, D.C., but we can’t give up now.  Stay with us through the 2018 election, and we will prevail.

​     Your support in volunteer hours, writing letters, making phone calls, and attending our events will give us more power and visibility than you can imagine.  We have created a “Victory 2018” fund just for this purpose.  If you want to support us in many ways, this can be a start. Go ahead and makes this a recurring donation.  You can stop it anytime you want.

Hot August Nights and Days