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How we replace Tom McClintock…

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For those curious on what the El Dorado County Democratic Party is doing to replace our current Congressional Representative, please realize that this is not an instant effort. It takes time and money to do that. Let’s spell out a few things needed to understand this, especially if you are new to the political process.
California’s Congressional District 4 (CD4) covers 10 counties. (Some partial and others fully). This includes: Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Fresno, Mariposa, Merced, Nevada, Placer, and Tuolumne Counties. Some of these counties are divided and shared around other congressional lines. This is 10 counties that a
candidate must represent.

  1. Current CD4 registration figures are: 84% of voters are registered: 42.4% Republican, 29.4% Democrat, and 21% NPP (No Party Preference). This information is from the California Secretary of State office. A majority of the registered voters in CD4 reside in Placer County and El Dorado County.
  2. El Dorado and all of the other Democratic Central Committees in Congressional District 4 have been interviewing and monitoring the people stepping forward to run against Tom McClintock as Democrats. All 10 counties in this District have mutually agreed to work together for the best candidate to run against McClintock.
  3. Tom McClintock is a Republican. He has represented this area since 2008. He has been elected in California as a State Assembly, State Senator, and run for Governor. In 2008 he barely won his seat by 3,500 votes (Placer County put him over the edge into the seat).
  4. A Democratic candidate in the 2016 election barely pulled 38% of the votes throughout CD-4 . The next candidate will have to do more, including have a savvy campaign staff, a lot of funding, and a total commitment of their personal time to drive the thousands of miles to garner the support of all 10 County constituents.
  5. In order to become a Democratic candidate, one must file for a FEC number. This is Federal campaign law. To be a viable candidate in this District, one must raise nearly 2.5 Million Dollars. McClintock has gathered just this year, nearly $239,000, and currently,has over $2.5 million dollars in his campaign account.
  6. In order for the Democratic party to support a candidate in this upcoming election, the Candidate must gather the funds, get delegates from the Democratic party (in this case, from the CD4 – 10 county delegates) to endorse them at “pre-endorsement” meetings, being held in January. Then they must also pay fees necessary to go through the process in order to have their name brought to the floor of the California Democratic Convention in February for official endorsement.
  7. The candidate that comes up with 60% of the endorsement votes in the “pre-endorsement” process will go to the California Democratic Party convention in February. If a candidate does not garner 60% of the vote from the pre-endorsement meetings, then those candidates will have to attend the convention to gather votes from the floors from the delegates in Congressional District 4.

Here’s what we are doing here in El Dorado County:

  1. We are interviewing candidates who are coming forward to our County asking for their support. Yes, we have interviewed up to 7 candidates for the CD-4 congressional seat. We aren’t supporting any of the current FEC candidates, because of the “pre-endorsement” requirements of our By-Laws with the California Democratic party. As we are chartered, this is an important step, for our County leaders AND for the candidates.
  2. We are focused on a major Voter Registration project, to find out why 15,000+ people, registered in El Dorado County did not vote in the Presidential election. We are also reaching out to the No Party Preference people, to find out what kind of candidate what it would take for them to vote for a Democratic candidate.
  3. We are participating with the 9 other Counties in this District has a collaboration of messaging and voter registration.
  4. We have helped fund a National Poll that has already taken place in our District, asking voters what they would like to see in a candidate, and what are their key policy issues that a Congressional candidate should focus on.
  5. The El Dorado County Democratic Party is seeking funds and support to open a full-time office so that volunteers and paid staff have a place to work from. Any financial support is helpful. If you wish to contribute towards this cause, may I suggest you donate to this cause. Everyone in our county party are volunteers. All efforts is in OUR passion to replace Tom McClintock, and other republicans that are holding seats and doing nothing for their constituency. If you can’t afford much, but you want to help, perhaps you contribute in a monthly, recurring amount. Our 2018 Victory fund is to have a home and a place for volunteers to gather and work for our cause. Please go to: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/edcvictory2018
  6. If you want to do more…then volunteer. Keep in touch with us, join one of our Democratic clubs (we have four of them!). And help out in this endeavor.
  7. If you have more questions, then certainly, send them to: [email protected]

How we replace Tom McClintock…