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Kennedy Roosevelt Early Bird prices go up March 1!

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If you haven’t bought your Kennedy-Roosevelt Dinner ticket yet, you might want to now.  The price of $65.00 goes up to $70.00 on March 1.

We had a change of speakers for the dinner, which you will find dynamic and timely.  Susannah Delano, the Executive Director of “Clos the Gap CA” will share the podium with Christine Pelosi.

She has worked for over 15 years to promote the good health and uncompromised empowerment of women and challenged communities throughout California. Susannah is grounded in a commitment to move the needle in measurable ways on issues of racial justice, gender equity, and larger inclusivity.

​From 2010-2017 Susannah led Planned Parenthood Northern California’s advocacy work as Public Affairs Director. During that time of unprecedented national assault on reproductive health care, she and her teams were able to deliver key votes and public campaign elements to protect and even expand access via legislation such as AB 154 (Atkins) in 2013. Under her supervision, online and grassroots support grew exponentially, the associated PAC saw an average 90% of its endorsed candidates win each cycle, and Susannah truly felt like a superhero whenever she had the honor of representing Planned Parenthood before elected bodies, community organizations, and media outlets.

Kennedy Roosevelt Early Bird prices go up March 1!