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Un/Equal Freedoms: Expressions for Social Justice

California State University, Sacramento

It’s finally happening! Sac State’s Center on Race, Immigration & Social Justice (CRISJ) is launching its Un/Equal Freedoms: Expressions for Social Justiceart exhibition this Thursday, May 13 at 7 p.m. The 35 selected works include visual, performance and digital art as well as spoken word and poetry. Each work is accompanied by the artist’s background and a reflection piece written by faculty and community members—including one member of Renaissance (see if you can spot her!). 

The artworks in this exhibition reckon with the unequal freedoms embedded in our social structures. These pieces were made by professional and emerging artists, individuals and groups, students, and community members. Viewed as a group, these works offer artistic expressions for social justice, laying bare these unequal freedoms, giving marginalized voices a space for expression, representing forward action, and ultimately offering a vision for an improved society with greater equality and freedom for all.

Tune in for the Launch Party.

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