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Protect Affordable Housing for Placerville City Residents

This vote will reduce available affordable housing, possibly increase homelessness.

On Tuesday, May 11th at 6pm, the Placerville City Council will vote on Item 11.1.

11.1 – Affirm the Decision of the Planning Commission Approving Zoning Interpretation (ZON) 21-02 Adding Transient Short-term Rental (30 or Fewer Consecutive Nights) Uses as a Temporary Allowable Use by Special Temporary Use Permit within the Highway Commercial Zone (HWC), City Code Section 10-4-7(A) (Mr. Rivas)

This vote will finalize a Planning Commission decision from April 8th to replace affordable, long-term residential housing units in a residential neighborhood located within our highway commercial zone (behind Grocery Outlet) with short term vacation rentals. This would cause the eviction and displacement of the current long term low income tenants. 

Short-term rentals are not allowed under the current zoning ordinance for the highway commercial zone.

We request all interested community members take the following two actions:

Write a letter to the Placerville City Council as soon as possible. Express in your own words why you think the city should prioritize affordable housing over AirBNB’s.

Email Addresses

Mayor Dennis Thomas – [email protected]

Vice Mayor Kara Taylor – [email protected]

Councilmember Borelli – [email protected]

Councilmember Neau – [email protected]

Councilmember Saragos  – [email protected]

City Manager Cleve Morris – [email protected]

City Clerk Regina O’Connell – [email protected]

Attend the City Council Meeting this Tuesday, May 11th at 6PM and Speak During Public Comments on Item 11.1.

Instructions for getting onto the call can be found at: https://www.cityofplacerville.org/events/50570/ 

(If this is your first time on a Zoom call with the City Council, you need to wait to speak until 11.1 comes up. It may take a while. When the clerk says something like “We are now open for public comment on Item 11.1” you will need to click the “raise hand” icon. They will either call on you by the name you listed when you joined the Zoom call, or by the last 3 digits of your phone number. When you get called, unmute yourself, and talk.)

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