Democratic Party Chair urges support for bi-partisan El Dorado County commitment to removing PG & E financial influence

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El Dorado County Democratic Party Chair, Josh W. Elder, has released the following letter that he’s sent to Todd White, El Dorado County Republican Party Chair:


Todd White Chair El Dorado County Republican Party PO Box 1656 Shingle Springs, California 95682 

Re: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Accountability 

Todd White, 

During the recent public forum held at the Cameron Park Community Center on October 24th, you expressed strong support for political leaders stepping forward to hold PG&E accountable, urging public officials to refrain from accepting campaign contributions from PG&E. I fully agree. Furthermore, as stewards of voter trust, I recommend that we not only urge candidates to not accept contributions from PG&E, we must insist. 

Going forward, I invite you to join me in committing that under our Chairmanship of our Central Committees, the El Dorado County Democratic Party and El Dorado County Republican Party will not endorse, actively support, or in any way promote the advancement of candidates for public office who accept campaign contributions from PG&E. 

Our community has been faced with the burdens developed from decades of mismanagement, negligence, and disinvestment by PG&E. Furthermore, our elected leaders from all levels and political parties have failed to provide proper oversight. As elected officials work to move forward on County, State, and Federal actions to alleviate this crisis, their efforts must be conducted in transparency and with public accountability. Removing financial influence is necessary to ensuring public officials will prioritize safe and reliable electricity for all Californians. 

I commend your public comments and look forward to sharing our bipartisan commitment to remove this financial influence. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or wish to discuss further. 


Josh Elder,

Chair, El Dorado County Democratic Party