Nobody is Above the Law

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We were hoping that it would quiet down after the election… but that’s clearly not the situation.
Tuesday’s, Nov. 6th national effort to flip control of the US House from Republican to Democratic majority was successful. While we didn’t win the CD 4 race, the net gain of 30+ seats in the House brought some measure of reassurance that a much needed check, as in ‘checks and balances’, was now on the current President.  As Democrats and independent voters, we felt some measure of relief on Tuesday night.

Then yesterday (Wednesday, 11/7), we experienced:

  • A raucous 90+ minute White House press conference during which President Trump: claimed electoral victory in the face of clear congressional defeat; railed about the “Fake Media” and his poor treatment by the press; directed his staff during the press conference to attempt to forcefully remove the microphone from the hands of Jim Acosta, CNN’s chief White House reporter; then later in the day the White House rescinded Mr. Acosta’s White House press credentials.
  • Shortly after this press conference, a press release announced that Mr. Trump had fired his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and installed Matt Whitaker, a former TV pundit and Federal Prosecutor, as the Acting Attorney General.  Mr. Whitaker has publicly stated and written editorials opining about how the Mueller investigation could be shut down.
Until the newly elected Congressional Democrats officially take their seats on Jan. 3, 2019, it’s clear that Mr. Trump remains largely unchecked, with the Republican Party seemingly unable or unwilling, at this point, to exercise control over Mr. Trump’s blatant efforts to subvert the Mueller investigation.

Unfortunately, our brief moment of relief has been replaced with a severe case of alarm that Mr. Trump is going to accelerate his efforts to subvert the lawful investigation being conducted by the Independent Counsel, Mr. Mueller. This abuse of his Presidential powers is a threat to the rule of law and needs to be halted.

Bipartisan legislation introduced last year and approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee on a bipartisan 14 -7 vote, would protect the independence of the Mueller investigation.  At this point, the US Senate could bring this legislation to a vote and approve this legislation and have it take effect immediately.  Senator Coons (D- Delaware) has called for Republican and Democrat senators to press Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to act on this legislation.

To put pressure on the current Senate to take action and to protest President Trump’s undermining of the Mueller investigation, mass protests will be occurring at over 900 locations around the USA.  If you’re available to participate in one of the protest rallies in Placerville, Roseville, or Sacramento, we hope you’ll do so (see link below for details).  If not, we encourage El Dorado County Democrats and independent voters to sign-up for’s email list, so you can keep informed about other corrective steps that are being taken to address this threat to our democracy.

Now more than ever, patriotic Democrats and independent voters need to voice their support for the rule of law and their opposition to President Trump’s efforts to undermine the Independent Counsel’s investigation.